The Metro Story
InterMetro was founded under the name Metropolitan Wire Goods Corporation by Louis Maslow in 1929. Under its founder, the company was a prime example of entrepreneurship at its best. He developed the products, designed the machines to make them, and was personally involved in marketing and sales activities. This personal touch, supported by Louis Maslow’s strong commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction put the company on its path to success.

At its inception, Metro was situated in a rented loft in Manhattan. In these early years, the product line consisted primarily of “smallwares” such as wire whips and fryer baskets for use in restaurant kitchens. This quickly expanded to include dish racks and a unique, patented, shelving system, distinguished by the “snake” design, and carts for use throughout the foodservice industry. Through perseverance, imagination and effective management, Metro continued to grow and prosper in spite of the depressed economy of the times, to the point where it was necessary to move to a larger facility. This move occurred in 1940 to another location in Brooklyn, New York. By the late 1950’s Metro had again outgrown its available space. Mr. Maslow then began searching for a new environment with adequate space on which to expand. This search led him and the company to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1957. Since then the original plant has been enlarged and several other facilities acquired at the Wilkes-Barre location.

Markets and product lines continued to expand as well. From dietary departments in hospitals, applications for Metro shelving and carts expanded into storing and transporting linens and supplies in healthcare facilities. Later still, applications for our products were found in a variety of fields including the electronics manufacturing, material handling and display merchandising fields.

On July 1, 1994, the company was acquired by Bessemer Holding, L.P. After significant growth Metro was acquired on July 10, 1997, by the Emerson Electric Co., a Fortune 100 company with corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.

As part of Emerson’s Commercial and Residential Division, InterMetro continued to grow and focused on operational excellence to enhance our market position, service customers better and to ensure long term competitiveness in global markets.

Following a successful 18 year partnership with Emerson, a decision was made to find a more strategic fit for our organization. This was part of a major corporate restructuring by Emerson to re-focus the corporation on their strategic business units. Emerson sold InterMetro on October 1, 2015 to Ali Group. Ali Group is a private company with headquarters based in Milan, Italy and North American Operations based in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1963 by Luciano Berti, the Ali Group operates in 26 countries, has 76 brands and 55 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries. Ali Group specializes in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment for restaurants, hotel chains, hospitals, schools, airports, correctional facilities, catering and convenience stores.

 The Metro story is one founded in the core principles of customer obsession, innovative solutions, ethics, integrity and our people growing in a high performance culture. We are good corporate citizens. We encourage open communication and teamwork to continually improve our performance as we strive to achieve our goal of profitable growth. Our foundation is strengthened by our business model which is Customer Intimate and as such our motto is “Delight the customer….Prosper together”. We are all aligned to deliver this promise.

  InterMetro Industries is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.